The 624th birth anniversary of Shri Kabir Das Saheb  Celebrated in Rishikesh

  The 624th birth anniversary of Shri Kabir Das Saheb  Celebrated in Rishikesh

. The 624th birth anniversary of Shri Kabir Das Saheb Ji was celebrated at Kabir Chaura Ashram. Learned saints said that where saints gather, that place becomes a place of pilgrimage.

On Saturday, at Kabir Chaura Ashram, the coordinator of the program and the supreme head of Kabir Chaura Ashram, Kapil Muni Maharaj honored all the Shri Mahant saints who had come by offering flowers and blowing the North. Mahant Kapil Muni Maharaj said, “Go to meet the saints and give up Maya and pride.

As each step is taken forward, the place where saints gather becomes a place of pilgrimage
On this occasion, Brahmalin Sant Mahant Pradeep Das Maharaj, the founder of Kabir Chaura Ashram was also remembered. The saints said that the saints who lead the devotees on the right path are always worshipable. Mahant Pradeep Das was the embodiment of sacrifice and penance. Young saints should take inspiration from him.

On this occasion, Yogi Ashutosh, President of Shaddarshan Sadhu Samaj, Mahant Gopal Giri Maharaj, Shivam Mahant, Sutikshan Muni, Mahant Sarvinder Singh, Vijay Saraswat, Mahant Vinay Saraswat, Mahant Jatidranand, Mahimanand Maharaj, Ravi Dev Shastri Maharaj, Swami Akhandanand, Mahant Ravi Prapancharya. , Ramswaroop Brahmachari, Anand Swami, Swami Ganesh Das Ramayani, Rajendra Das, Jatin Virmani etc.
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