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3132 tourist enjoy the river rafting this weekend in Rishikesh

 3132 tourist enjoy the river rafting this weekend in Rishikesh

Due to the effect of heat on tourist places, tourists are turning to rafting. Due to it being a super weekend, around 3132 tourists enjoyed rafting.

Tourists from various states including Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, Mumbai visited Swargashram, Laxmanjhula, Muni ki Reti, Poornanand and Tapovan areas. Brahmapuri, Shivpuri and Club House rafting points remained crowded with tourists throughout the day.

Adventure tourism sports officer Khushal Singh Negi said that on Friday, 355 tourists from the club house, 1244 from Brahmapuri and 1533 tourists from Shivpuri enjoyed rafting.

Rafting  businessmen Dinesh Bhatt, Jeetpal, Raj Singh said that due to super weekend, the crowd of rafting enthusiasts is increasing. But tourists are facing problems due to traffic jam from Muni ki Reti to Brahmapuri. After rafting, tourists turned towards the camps operated at places like Garudchatti, Rattapani, Mohanchat, Ghattugad, Bairagarh, Nael, Bijni, Shivpuri, Tapovan, Ghughatani, Kyaarki etc. in Henval valley area .

Hotels and Dharamshalas operating at places like Tapovan, Munikireti, Swargashram, Laxmanjhula etc. are packed with tourists. Hoteliers Trilok Bhandari, Anusuya Prasad Pandey, Ravi Bhandari, Anoop Negi, Jagmohan Payal said that there is a crowd of tourists in hotels and Dharamshalas on Super Weekend.

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