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Dumper get into accident muni ki reti rishikesh

 Dumper get into accident muni ki reti rishikesh

A dumper filled with sand overturned at the Khara Source intersection, Vikram and Scooty got buried under it, there is a possibility of many people getting buried under it.

Rishikesh: A terrible road accident took place at the PWD intersection under Muni Ki Reti police station area, a truck (UK08CA9393) went out of control and overturned on a steep slope at the intersection. In the accident, a motorcyclist was hit by the truck and died on the spot. While a three wheeler (UK14TA5665) is buried under the truck, the police team is at the spot.

Today at around 6.30 pm, at the PWD intersection of Muni Ki Reti, a truck filled with sand suddenly went out of control at the turn due to which it overturned, a motorcycle and a three wheeler were hit by the truck. According to the police, the motorcycle rider He died on the spot, while the three wheeler was standing empty on the roadside, while the truck driver is said to be absconding from the spot after the accident. A huge crowd has gathered at the spot, and people are now afraid to walk on this turn. They are talking about being afraid.
Muni Ki Reti police station in-charge Inspector Ritesh Shah said that a truck vehicle filled with sand, while going from Brahmanand turn towards Kailash Gate, overturned at the PWD intersection, in which a person died on the spot after being hit by the truck. The truck overturned and fell on a three-wheeler tempo parked nearby. According to eyewitnesses, no person was present at that time.
The body of the deceased has been removed from the spot and sent to the hospital and efforts are being made to identify the deceased. Information is being sought regarding the truck driver. The overturned truck is being removed from the spot with the help of Hydra, traffic is normal.

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