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Nomad Isabel traveler who love Rishikesh , India ganga child .

 Nomad Isabel traveler who love Rishikesh , India ganga child .

Who is Nomad IsabelI am a travel addict and India lover. I’ve been working in tourism sector (hotel management) for many years and living in 5 different countries. I enjoy meeting people and I am a Foodie (15 years working in this industry). I am a yogi in process 🙂 and pranayama and ayurveda are big part of my life since my first trip to India. More about me.Yet you waved goodbye to your corporate life and ventured into traveling full-time. What is it that inspires you to travel?I always loved travelling and it makes me extremely happy. After many years in a corporate job and a quit stressful life I ventured into this nomad life pursuing freedom. Now i can work from anywhere and I can manage my time 100%. 
We are really curious about your domestic travel adventures. How many states have you traveled in the country?I have visited 13 different states and now I try to discover a new state in every trip I do to India. I made very good friends and that makes me to travel many times back to their locations mostly in Uttarakhand, Rajasthan and Kerala.

Can you share some of your travel hacks with us?In my blog you have a full section with tips for travelling to Indiahotel recommendations and discounts for your flights, insurances, hotels etc.You’ve traveled extensively in India. What are your top 5 destinations?Rishikesh, Jaisalmer, Udaipur, Munnar and Varanasi. 
Trying local cuisines is as much a part of a trip as sightseeing. What are some food recommendations on your favourite road trip destinations?I always recommend to travellers to take the time to have masala chai in many local places, at the chai wallahs you will enjoy a deliciuos and energizing tea and will discover the local life of the place you are at.I like to eat where locals eat in order to get the most authentic experience.What are the next 5 destinations on your bucket list?Arunachal Pradesh, Kashmir, Tamil Nadu, Meghalaya and Sikkim.
Your favourite regional cuisine and where did you try it?I am a Tandoori and indian breads lover. My favorite sweet is Jalebi.I am fascinated by the desert food in Rajasthan, the fish preparations from Kerala and the Mughal heritage food. I am a good indian whisky drinker 🙂
What is your craziest travel adventure?All my trips have a lot of common sense (needed always in life) along with a lot of craziness 🙂
What motto do you live by when travelling?I like to discover the locations in the most authentic way, interacting with locals always. I believe in conscious travel and always giving back to the comunities that I visit , “leaving a possitive seed everywhere I go”
Is it safe for a woman to travel alone in India?I never had any safety issue in India however I must admit that India is not for everyone as solo traveller. For first time travellers not used to the indian culture it may be a bit challenging at the beginning and some woman at times, can feel intimidated. I always give the same advice: “be cautious and always use the common sense”. If you do not feel ready to travel alone, then better to travel with a group or in a private tour with an agency since you will enjoy the experience more and worry less during your trip. In general I consider India a safe and welcoming place for travellers.
You’ve traveled extensively in India. What is it about India that brings you back again and again?My connection with India its very long back in time but what makes me love it so much is the people and the energy of the country. India has a very different vibe and energy, and when you connect…there is no way back. Many first-time India travelers start off with the Golden Triangle: Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. Do you recommend this route? If not, where else?I recommend this route because you see a glimpse of 3 very different destinations in India but I think it is too short. I would better recomend a 10 days tour covering Delhi, Agra, Jaipur and Varanasi. And if more days are available, I would recommend a 14 days tour covering the most iconic places of Rajasthan and with a stop in Agra for Taj Mahal visit.For those travellers that say ” I am not ready for India”, I would recomend a 10 days tour in Kerala (but 

please contact me at namaste@miviajealaindia.com…I will help you understand that everyone is ready for India, we just have a lot of misinformation and at times some prejudices :))
Which regions in India would you recommend for more seasoned travelers?Gujarat with a very rich and quite untouched culture. The offbeaten destinations in Rajasthan and the rural side. Odisha and the fascinanting tribes.

What souvenirs did you buy?
Most of the time I buy souvenirs from social projects or directly from artisans in local and unprivileged communities. As well I like to bring foodie souvenirs to my people back home.
Which items would you never travel without to India?To be honest I can find everything in India but normally I bring a bunch of spanish medicines with me (just in case) and mosquito repellent. All other items I can find at the destination.
What modes of transport did you use in India? What are thoughts on them?I travelled by flight, train, bus and car. Flights are the  faster option but I do not like to use them for short distances  as I always have the inconvinience of luggage weight and the security check up with all digital equipment is stressful lol. I like trains and mostly I travel by private car.

What airline should I fly with to India?There are many airlines but for me the best is Etihad Airways. Right now has many connections from Abu Dhabi to most of mayor cities in India and service is great. 
What resources do you use while traveling in India, including books and websites?I am an avid reader and I am continuously reading books related to India. Books taught ,e a lot and help me to discover many new places and curiosities for my trips. Besides that, I mostly learn from the locals and I take recomendations from my friends (many of them working in tourism).

How did Covid 19 change or mess with your travel plans?I was in India when all started and actually I was 1 month stranded in Delhi since there were no flights to go back home. COVID messed my trip to Mumbai on those dates and 2 years of no access to India 🙁
What are the most important things that travel has taught you?People makes always the difference, respect them and engage. To visit places and embrace the culture and the differences not judging. Sometimes we have prejudices and they are terrible for travellers, the best is to be ready to learn what the destination has to offer you and enjoy the “small things” because always are the biggest and more meaningful ones. 
What are your plans for 2024 ?In my 2024 plans I have 3-4 long trips to India :)To keep sharing the magic of India through my website/blog 

https://miviajealaindia.com/and helping travellers in their discovery of this amazing country.

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