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Sanali lostel clean trans in ganga with Estern & western tourist

 Sanali lostel clean trans in ganga with Estern & western tourist

Sailani lostel clean the trash from ganga near tapovan sarwajanik ghat to nim beach where sailani lostel member rohan sharma , Manvi meena , with western tourist from australia , brazil , israel , spain , california , portugal , capetown south africa , program

30 kg garbage collected by tourist , after collecting garbage they gave to muni ki reti municipal council .. ganga cleaning program is to make awareness to clean area near by ganga beach and around tapovan rishikesh .

Cleaning the Ganges is a complex and long-term challenge. While significant progress has been made, sustained efforts are needed to achieve the desired results. This includes continued investment in infrastructure development, stricter enforcement of environmental regulations, and ongoing public awareness campaigns.

It is also essential to address the socio-economic factors that contribute to pollution, such as poverty and lack of access to sanitation facilities. By tackling these issues holistically, India can pave the way for a cleaner and healthier Ganges River for generations to come.

cleaning of the Ganges River is a testament to India’s commitment to environmental protection. While challenges remain, the progress achieved so far offers hope for the future of this sacred river. By continuing to invest in cleaning efforts and fostering public participation, India can ensure that the Ganges flows clean and healthy for years to come.

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