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Every saturday evening tapovan filled with colours of bhakti yoga by iskon Rishikesh

 Every saturday evening tapovan filled with colours of bhakti yoga by iskon Rishikesh

Every saturday tapovan rishikesh is filled with bhakti colours , tapovan now multicultural places where you seen global tourist . Every saturday mvt guest house , Bhakti yoga rishikesh by iskon gave bhakti rasa to global tourist which came from UK , USA , Russia , Africa , Europe , South America .

There are nine rasas, or fundamental emotions, that are believed to be evoked in the audience through performance. These nine rasas are:

  1. Sringara (Love): This rasa encompasses various aspects of love, including romantic love, attachment, longing, and separation.
  2. Hasya (Humor): This rasa evokes laughter and amusement, often through wit, satire, and playful situations.
  3. Karuna (Pathos): This rasa stirs feelings of sorrow, empathy, and compassion, often through tragic events or loss.
  4. Raudra (Anger): This rasa elicits strong emotions like anger, fury, and indignation, often portrayed through powerful characters or situations.
  5. Veera (Heroism): This rasa evokes feelings of heroism, courage, and valor, often seen in warriors, brave deeds, and self-sacrifice.
  6. Bhayanaka (Fear): This rasa creates a sense of fear, dread, and suspense, often used in horror or suspenseful situations.
  7. Bibhatsa (Disgust): This rasa evokes feelings of disgust, aversion, and repulsion, often used in portrayals of the grotesque or unpleasant.
  8. Adbhuta (Wonder): This rasa inspires awe, amazement, and astonishment, often through supernatural elements or unexpected events.
  9. Shanta (Peace): This rasa evokes a sense of calmness, serenity, and tranquility, often achieved through spiritual contemplation or harmonious settings.

These nine rasas are considered to be universal human emotions that can be experienced and understood by anyone, regardless of their background or culture. Understanding these rasas is a key aspect of appreciating Indian poetry, drama, and other forms of artistic expression.

Kirtan started from 6:15 Pm to 8:00 Pm every day kirtan played by hare krishna devotees Hare krishna das , Madhavacharya Das , Mohan vamshi das , Parmeshwar Parth Mishra das , Chaitanya lela Das , Kamla kanta das .

After kirtan devotees , seekers , tourist get prasadam where they get khichdi , Pappad , Halwa in sweets .

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