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International yog festival ends with flower holi from vrindavan

 International yog festival ends with flower holi from vrindavan

Yoga Mahotsav concludes with Barsana’s flower Holi

The week-long Yoga Mahotsav in Rishikesh concluded with Barsana’s flower Holi. Thousands of sadhaks from India and abroad participated in the Yoga Mahotsav and Holi. In the week-long Yoga Mahotsav, where sadhaks were trained by yoga experts from all over the world about various methods of yoga, many famous artists of Uttarakhand also entertained the guests by exhibiting their art.

Thursday was the last training day of the International Yoga Mahotsav. On one hand, the Yoga Mahotsav was concluding, on the other hand, the festival of colours, Holi, was arriving. Therefore, the Yoga Mahotsav was also concluded by celebrating Holi. It is the season of Phagun, nature has spread its beautiful shade all around. Colourful flowers are spreading their fragrance all around. In such a situation, guests from India and abroad also concluded the program by playing Holi with flowers.

Guests from India and abroad received training from laughter yoga to cosmic healing in the week-long International Yoga Mahotsav. Experts also explained in a scientific way about the sound of Om, the symbol of Indian culture, and its benefits. Along with the importance of yoga, Ashtanga yoga was also specially taught in this festival. Keeping the mind stable and being absorbed in meditation is an art. The guests who had come to Rishikesh with the curiosity to learn this were very happy to learn it.

Apart from yoga training, when experts who have earned fame all over the world addressed about various things related to yoga, many new information was also learnt. Yoga is not only necessary to keep the body healthy. Rather, yoga is an important method to remain happy. After learning all this, the guests have now started returning to their homes. The Yoga Mahotsav concluded with the assurance that next year also the Yoga Mahotsav will be organized in the same way and the message of peace will be given to the world from Rishikesh.

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