Sixth day of International Yog festival dedicated to Pandavas in Rishikesh

 Sixth day of International Yog festival dedicated to Pandavas in Rishikesh

The presentation of Pandavas Band in the Yoga Mahotsav showed the culture of Uttarakhand

Wednesday evening was especially awaited at the International Yoga Festival. Many yoga practitioners from India and abroad were waiting for the performance of Pandavas, the famous live band of Uttarakhand.

But still the day had to start with yoga. Like every day, first thing in the morning, various yoga asanas were taught to all the devotees.

After this it was the turn to meditate. Various forms of meditation taught by yoga guru Kapil Sangi.

Recently, Laughter Yoga had also made a lot of headlines. Therefore, the session of Laughter Yoga was also very important.
Om was invented to keep the mind stable and Om is the power that plays the most important role in concentrating the mind. Therefore a special session of Naad Yoga Healing was organized. The lecture was given by Dr. Navdeep Joshi.

After some rest in the afternoon, like every day, Bhajan Kirtan was organized and after that the evening Aarti of Ganga made the atmosphere devotional like every day. But the most important event of the evening was yet to happen. When Pandavas Band started performing, the yoga practitioners started dancing. Many people living nearby also started coming to see this presentation. Pandavas Band has created a unique identity in the last few years due to its performances. The presentation of this band is appreciated because of presenting the history, tradition and culture of Uttarakhand through its songs and music. The presentation of Pandavas was also the main center of attraction in Rishikesh Yoga Mahotsav. Wednesday’s program concluded after the presentation of Pandavas Band.

Morning Yoga class with Yogacharya  

Evening Pandavas Band performance

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