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Jessica Kumar : The American Hindi Teacher ,Teach Hindi To Global Audience lives in devbhoomi Uttarakhand

 Jessica Kumar : The American Hindi Teacher ,Teach Hindi To Global Audience lives in devbhoomi Uttarakhand
Jessica Kumar & Abhishek Kumar

Growing up in USA , Chicago IL , Jessica Kumar is cultural explorer with digital marketing background she has always a nomadic heart which brings her into many cross culture situation in life . Shaping experience for her living and working in North India region of Devi Bhoomi Uttarakhand she worked in Haridwar city of India for many years . Jessica have always gist to explore the world her nomadic inner child give wings to explore the world . Jessica journey took unexpected turn when she embark on internship to India in 2006. Little she know that this trip would mark the beginning of her profound connection to Indian subcontinent Asia Pacific .

During her time in Haridwar India , Jessica fall in love with Indian culture Ganga Ganges Himalaya she also masters in Hindi language after completing her graduation in America, Jessica came to India for internship. Then she stayed here. She fell in love with a boy from Bihar, with whom she settled down. Now she teaches Hindi to foreigners and tells the world about Indian culture. When her videos speaking in Bihari style went viral on social media, people started knowing her as ‘Bihari Bahu’.

Jessica grew up in an American joint family. She grew up between maternal grandparents, parents and brothers and sisters. Her maternal grandparents lived near her house. Grandparents used to take brothers and sisters to and from school. The whole Sunday day was spent with them, eating, drinking and having fun.

Jessica father is an international businessman. He frequently visited China and Korea. Jessica also wanted to do business like father , but never thought that she would come to India. In those days, everyone in the university used to talk about India and China and that the next economic recession was going to come from these two countries. She also wanted to know about recession and understand this change happening.

An acquaintance of Jessica has an IT company in Haridwar. After graduation, he suggested Jessica to come to Haridwar and do an internship. At the age of 23, She came to India on the pretext of internship, thinking that she would stay here for a year and get a chance to explore and learn about this space . Jessica liked the people, language and culture here so much that she decides to stayed here again.

Be it neighbor’s, shopkeepers or vegetable vendors, she felt very happy to see the way people live together here. After one year of internship, she started working in the same company.

Meanwhile, a friend introduced Jessica to Abhishek. She was in his country and Abhishek had gone to her country, America, to study. After some time, when Jessica went to Chicago to meet her family, she also met Abhishek. Then they became friends, which gradually turned into love.

Jessica introduced Abhishek to parents and told that we both want to get married. Then Jessica parents just said that he is a good boy, he treats you well, he is educated and is earning, if you like then you can marry .

Half of Abhishek’s family lives in the US and his parents live in India. When they came to know about Jessica , initially they were very hesitant as to how their son could marry a foreign girl. Don’t know what kind of girl she will be and how life will be after marriage. But, when Abhishek met Jessica and her family, he agreed to the marriage. They got married in 2010.

During Jessica stay in Haridwar, She had an idea of what Indian in-laws and in-laws are like. They like to be with family, take care of children. She understood his feelings and Abhishek understood Jessica feelings and respect . In this way life became easy and happy. Today they have been married for 14 years.

Jessica teach Hindi to foreigners as well as Indians living abroad. Among these, there are many people who migrated from India to America and Canada and their children do not know Hindi. They also feels shy in speaking Hindi. This is the biggest problem of NRI family. Jessica teach Hindi to their children.

4 and a half years ago she started podcast called Invisible India to promote Hindi and Indian culture. She invite guests and talk on different topics. When people heard an American talking about India, they were a little surprised as to how a foreigner could speak Hindi so well.

Jessica website to learn Hindi


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