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Nitin Rawat Yoga teacher by birth from Rishikesh india

 Nitin Rawat Yoga teacher by birth from Rishikesh india

Humans of Rishikesh
Born in New Delhi in 1991, Nitin Rawat came to Rishikesh with his family in 1993 primarily for
educational opportunities.
Having always had a desire to better understand himself, Nitin was led to study at Sri Dev Suman
University and Dev Sanskriti University where he received a master’s degree in alternative therapies.
He then went on to study the principles of yoga at Jairam Ashram and Ved Niketan Ashram . He
regarded his instructor, Rakesh Guruji  as a foundational teacher for himself.
“I regarded him as my Guruji. He emphasized the need to have natural alternatives to deal with
health issues and stress, saying that as life becomes more hectic, there is a need for alternatives
besides pills.”
“The practice of Naturopathy and Ayurveda was just part of life and practiced by ancient cultures.
Living a natural life in harmony with and connected to the natural world and its elements and cycles.
“It is important to have good teachers who have done the work on themselves and have an accredited
educational background and experience. One of my teachers maintained optimum health free of
western medicines for over 30 years by fasting and using steam and mud to detoxify the body.”
“There are many paths to self-realization, for me yoga and meditation helped me to develop my mind
and the ability to concentrate and think more clearly as well as helped me to develop character,
discipline and better communication. Meditation can give you a structure but each individual must
determine for themselves which method works best for them and to do the practices consistently.”
When asked about his favorite yoga pose- asan, and essential book he replied “I am often asked this
question, and I find that savasana is good for beginning and practiced students to help with physical
and mental stability as well as balance.” “ I highly recommend the book The Yoga Sutra of Pantanjali
as it has all the necessary primary elements of yoga for students.”

Worked with best wellness resorts like ananda in the Himalayan, taj madekri resort and spa & LeMeridien mahableshwar resort and spa .
Currently working as a fitness trainer in fazlani natures nest. And, handel corporate yoga group as well.

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